International economic recovery
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International economic recovery, the price of gold rose sharply winding road

Last week, the outer disk of gold closed up sharply, driven by the main contract on Monday to open in 1112 311.38 yuan per gram, on Friday to close at 319.19 yuan, rose 2.37%.

Jinpeng Economic Research analyst Qin Yunlong, the international rating agency Moody%27s announced on Tuesday lowered Portugal rating from Baa1 to Ba2, outlook is negative. The agency increasingly worried that Portugal will not fully achieve deficit reduction and debt stabilization targets. Moody%27s rating cut to junk status of Portugal to the European trend was the proliferation of crisis, gold hedging demand for significant boost. In addition, the new president of the International Monetary Fund Lagarde said on Wednesday that the current fragile and uneven global economic recovery is facing a major threat to the sovereign debt crisis and capital flows to developing countries may increase their risk of economic overheating is most worried about her problems now . On the other hand, the strength of recovery in the U.S. labor market weakened, thus increasing the safe-haven demand.

Qin Yunlong analysis, from a technical point of view, the London gold last week showing 5 with Yang, once again approaching the previous high point, the average pressure was easily broken up, the price of gold has been successfully stand above the average system, but still above the pre-stress transaction-intensive areas large, short-term may be difficult to break, should continue to present a wide shocks trend. Overall, the repeated short-term debt crisis and the uncertainty of recovery in the U.S. is still the main factor supporting gold, and money over the long-term excess liquidity caused by the gold bull market is making the pattern will continue. Recommended investors hold more than a single pre-can continue to hold, investors can not wait until the callback admission when bargain hunters.

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