Commodity futures finished lower maintenance shoc
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Commodity futures finished lower maintenance shock rubber show

8 domestic commodity futures market volatility throughout the day to maintain the trend, strong gains in early trading down rubber afternoon, late sun barely received; disk, the market sentiment is more positive light, early bullish support is limited, if not better under the pressure of inflation guidelines are expected to organize short-term trend or will remain wide.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics said the CPI, PPI and other major economic data, "in pursuit of data produced within 24 hours of release" in the future regardless of whether the working day, the data will be each month at 9:30 on the 9th through the network form of release. According to the survey, the highest growth rate in June CPI up 6.9% in value, the minimum value of 5.4%, 6.2% in value. Predicted in the 51 participating institutions, the agency predicted more than 60% in June year on year CPI growth rate will be 6.2 percent, or show a higher level of inflation.

Natural rubber futures finished lower on U.S. employment data has improved, especially in the manufacturing sector rose faster than expected, will drive the consumption of raw materials. Investors are optimistic about the monthly U.S. payrolls report. Favorable situation on the rubber market, especially crude oil rebounded strongly in the government has introduced specific measures to support the automotive industry, investors passionate expectations. Spot suppliers in Southeast Asia has been the reaction, accumulation of reluctant sellers, and Chinese traders increased hunting could lift. However, tire stockpiles and production are not optimistic about growth prospects, companies face in overseas markets more anti-dumping pressure. Southeast Asia, stable weather conditions also contributed to the increased supply, the rise in rubber market space is not fully open.

Continuation of the previous period of strong upward momentum copper, aluminum zinc pressure shot up after the fall, recently gaining more and more power metal support rally, on the one hand is the improvement of the macro side, whether it is domestic monetary policy will slow advantage of this opportunity make positive, or worried about the debt crisis in Europe changed, or the U.S. economic data to improve, on the other hand, consumption of copper stocks gradually began to tight supply, the supply of foreign temporary interruption of copper, aluminum and gradually increase the demand for China%27s economic growth support to maintain the confidence of solid metal. Market expectations, power cable, air conditioning and other appliances, the second half of the transformer industry is still driving growth in copper consumption, the main point. However, the market worried about the recent strong gains last long, at least from the spot plane view, the general climate of the current lower price Wei Gao, the current cost of financing costs, the lower the pressure of business may also inhibit the metal needs.

Shanghai aluminum futures finished lower. 1109 main contract, to close at 17,395 yuan / ton, up 5 yuan / ton. London aluminum continued to rise overnight, short-term bearish cash market regulation in China, the U.S. economic data and optimistic about the second half of the expected demand for continuation of multiple stimulated rose pattern. The recent improvement in the domestic automobile demand, concerns about weakening economic hard landing. Disk of view, shock and then began to open Shanghai aluminum pulled high, but the futures price has risen to 17,400 yuan at the top, short-term correction may occur at any time. Zinc highs, close to the main contract 1109 18,175 yuan / ton, up $ 40. U.S. private employment increased substantially more than expected, and the interest rate determined in the euro zone to ease the debt crisis, market sentiment continued optimism. Shanghai zinc blocked the recent rally, the fundamentals remain an important reason for restraint. Disk of view, Shanghai zinc gapped open higher after they could not continue on the red, short-term deviation from the line and 5, may be finishing in that position. But in the long run to higher power continues unabated.

Dalian soybean futures up sharply. Main 1201 contract closed 10,220 yuan / ton, up 152 yuan / ton. Overnight the U.S. beans whole line, even crude oil continued to rise but also to bring some support. U.S. Department of Agriculture may also be cut again this month, U.S. soybean production is expected, low inventories and the U.S. soybean production is expected to support up. After the short-term domestic interest rate advantage of this opportunity, outlook boosted even more factors exist. Therefore, the recent attitude of oil continues to bullish. Technically, even the return of big oil to continue trading range, short-term strengthening. Even oil market outlook is still expected to rise in potential. Palm oil futures opened higher up, the major 1201 contract closed 8,940 yuan / ton, up 108 yuan / ton. Higher oil outside the plate overnight, plus crude oil rose sharply, boosting the domestic oil market is today a rising trend. Oil futures hard to find substantial Li Duoti vibration fundamentals, but no change in the pattern of higher volatility, interest pre-9010 gap pressure.

Dalian plastic (LLDPE) futures prices within a narrow range. Main 1109 contract closed 11,145 yuan / ton, up 35 yuan / ton. Positive U.S. employment and retail data, crude oil rose overnight, driven by commodity market optimism. But Bureau of Statistics will release its monthly economic data, or display a higher level of inflation, to bring some pressure on the market. Recent period of improved spot prices pull up market confidence, but a certain spot downstream conflict, prices need time to digest, with the demand. Even plastic is expected to remain near the shock situation. Zhengzhou PTA futures pared gains. Main 1201 contract closed 9,010 yuan / ton, up 54 yuan / ton. Positive U.S. employment and retail data, crude oil rose overnight, driven by commodity market optimism. China%27s central bank unexpectedly raised interest rates, but the tightening steps have slowed. Disk of view, mainly by commodity prices today PTA overall atmosphere of good influence. PTA rebound current form is not damaged, but the long drive, fatigue, rebound expected near the end. Concerned about the pressure bit late 9100
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