National Bureau of Statistics announced economic
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National Bureau of Statistics announced economic data in June
CPI 6.4% PPI 7.1%
According to the Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 9 (Reporter Liu Zheng) - 9, National Bureau of Statistics released a report in June%27s consumer price index (CPI) rose 6.4%, or a new high.
National Bureau of Statistics estimated that in June, the CPI rose 6.4% in last year%27s hikes prices of about 3.7 percentage points this year, new factors of about 2.7 percentage points.
Food prices, especially pork prices continued to lead CPI. In June, the National Foodprices rose 14.4%, affecting the CPI rose about 4.26 percentage points. Among them,food prices rose 12.4%, affecting the CPI rose about 0.34 percentage points; porkprices rose 57.1%, affecting the CPI rose about 1.37 percentage points.
From better reflect the latest changes in the price of the chain data, in June China%27s CPIrose 0.3%. Food prices rose 0.9%, affecting the CPI chain rose about 0.28 percentage points, of which pork chain prices affect the CPI ring up about 0.36 percent, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit prices were down affect the CPI decreased by about 0.33percentage points.
In addition, as the upper reaches of the CPI in June, China%27s industrial producer prices (PPI) rose 7.1% over the previous month.
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